ease my wardrobe - wardrobe organizer app for iPhone and iPad

Now managing your closet is even more easier with this virtual wardrobe organizer. Organize clothes & accessories in different categories like shirts, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes. You can even add your own category. Take a snap of your outfit add tags, brand name, price and color details of it.

When its time to get ready, select outfits and accessories and match & try combinations by placing them side by side to get idea of what suits you the best. You can even add that style to your favourites so that you can repeat it later on.

The random pick feature will juggle among your categories and present before you a random style to try. Also you can share your style and experience with your friends via facebook, twitter and email. So ease your closet management with this app.

Get the app and start styling!!!

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App Screens

Below are some screenshots of the app.

Download and Pricing

The app is priced at $0.99

Download EMW From App Store

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